Creation of Multi-Asset/Credit Funds


The Multi-Asset/Credit Fund is made up of real estate and mortgage debts. Its governance requires a high expertise, both technical-real estate (for the real estate asset and for immovable property security) and technical-legal (for mortgage debts). We offer a complete support in all stages of the service: from the feasibility analysis to the constitution and management.


Feasibility analysis: identification of banks interested in the establishment of the closed property fund
Assistance in the constitution of the fund
NPL Due Diligence and real estate valuation
Business Plan and composition of the portfolio
Handling of overdue debts
Analysis and management of REO operations aiming at the contribution of real estate assets to the fund
Property services, value enhancement and sale of the real estate assets on the free market


We were the first operators in Italy to develop and operate with this type of fund, with a unique experience which combines the ability for the synergic governance of the NPL analysis and the management of the properties and REO (Real Estate Owned) operations. By covering all the stages in a perfectly integrated manner, from analysis to business planning, from monitoring to resale, we ensure the best functioning of the value chain.

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