Advisory on the Sale of Secured Loan Portfolios


The Advisory on the Sale of Secured Loan Portfolios Service aims to determine the value of a portfolio of non performing loans secured by properties in view of transfer, to prepare the sample for the bidding and support its organisation.


Mapping and clustering of mortgage debts by legal, judicial and real estate status
Valuation and complete Vendor Due Diligence of a sample of items
Definition and optimisation of the perimeter of transfer
Sampling of the items for the bidding
Preparation of the Data Room and support for the organisation of the bidding


In addition to the more than 20 years’ experience of our Management in transfer operations, we offer the support of a specialised Team that can cover precise needs on various levels, ensuring a real time correspondence between the evaluation of the securities and the elaboration of the recovery forecast and the risk level for the best adjustment of the portfolio to be transferred.

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