NPL Due Diligence


NPL Due Diligence consists of all the analysis, valuation and business planning activities relating to overdue individual bank loans or portfolios of loans secured by real estate. We cover at a top level all the phases of the process in the different forms the service may have (Balance Business Planning, Acquisitive Due Diligence, Vendor Due Diligence), guiding our ClientS from the first to the last step: from the organisation of the Data Room to portfolio pricing.


Legal analysis of receivables and procedure
Technical analysis of the guarantees and property valuation in preparation for bidding
Judicial Business Plan with sensitivity analysis
Portfolio optimisation and support in the pricing phases


We use a web-based IT platform which enables collection of technical-legal data simultaneously from the Data Room and the areas where the most reliable property valuations are made, thus with reduced time frames. The Data Room, which may be organised in any place, is supervised by the Technical staff and by Portfolio Management in real time. The IT and work system ensures monitoring of the consistency of all the connections and automatically elaborates the basic judicial Business Plan, ready for fine adjustment and final sensitivity analyses by the Business Analysts and Portfolio Management.

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