A REO (Real Estate Owned) operation involves the purchasing a real estate asset at a judicial auction and its value enhancement and re-sale on the free market, in order to optimise the recovery of the associated debt. It is a complex operation involving various phases of actuation: from the preliminary analysis to the participation in the auction, from the taking charge of the property to its resale.


Support the start-up and governance of an REO vehicle (REO.Co)
Legal, technical and commercial Due Diligence of a lot destined for an REO operation
Auction participation Management
Taking charge of the real estate and Property services
Value enhancement and resale on the free market
Portfolio monitoring, early warning about asset depreciation risks, programming and management of activities and of approval committees.


REO operations require the coordination and mediation of very different skills, as well as a territorial organisation that allows technical-commercial analysis with inspection (in often very limited time) and subsequent resale. We handle the different stages of the process as a continuous, indivisible unicum: thanks to timely and planning of each single action, we are able to maintain a system approach which guarantees the maximum effectiveness of management at every level of service.

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