YARD Credit & Asset Management alongside Bain Capital Credit in the acquisition of a 100m Euro non-perfoming loan portfolio

25 June 2018

Rome, 25th 2018YARD Credit & Asset Management, a company of YARD S.p.A., acted as Technical-Valuation Advisor of Bain Capital Credit, who finalised the acquisition of a non-performing loans portfolio for a total of approx. € 100 million gross book value (GBV). Etna Advisors was Strategic Advisor to Bain Capital Credit.

The transaction, as part of the Bain Capital Credit’s program of investments and development in the NPL and UTP sector in the Italian market was decided by an auction.

The portfolio, non-core if compared to the activity of business leasing, consisted of around 50 credit exposures, classified as “unlikely to pay” and “non performing loans”, mainly due to loans granted to

Companies for the acquisition of commercial and industrial real estate assets, that were transferred at the time.


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