NPL Pre-Assessment Portfolio


The NPL Pre-Assessment Portfolio service enables us in a short time to have a view of the values at stake, the stratifications, the opportunities and risks relating to a portfolio of non performing loans in the first approach. The service gathers all the activities of analysis, valuation and sensitivity that form part of our range of instruments, in conformity with the timeline and budget envisaged by our Clients.


Consistency analysis of the available database and programming of the detailed activities
Study of the data and portfolio clusters
Checking congruity of real estate valuations and sampling
Preliminary Business Plan summary and sensitivity analysis
First Risk Assessment and planning


In case of voluminous portfolios that do not dispose of a complete and consistent database in all its connections, and a stratification of the values at stake, it is difficult to make decisions about the modes of analysis themselves. Through our experience, combined with the capacity to integrate all the necessary skills, we are able to reach some preliminary representations of value and risk, in conformity with the aims of our Clients, and to programme the subsequent activities optimising the resources without losing sight of priorities and urgencies.

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