The Sales business area gathers all the “grounding” services, including the assessment of the asset value enhancement processes, i.e. the execution of marketing and debt recovery strategies. From the out-of-court settlement to the sale of the property on the free market, the activities are carried out by our network’s personnel of proven and specific skill.


Management of real estate asset divestments
Support to judicial recovery of loan secured by real estate: Auction Facilitation
Support to out-of-court debt recovery: from contact with the debtor to the closure of the settlement agreement
Sale of securities on the free market with the consent of the debtor and of repossessed real estate by repurchase in auction (REO operations)


We have built a network of specialised operators and professionals with specific skills (not only associated with the real estate sector) able to implement the best exit solutions for the most diverse real estate types and debt situations: from retail to the complex compendium, from seizure originating from a home-mortgage to arrangement with creditors.

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