NPL Management


The NPL Management service corresponds to the complete taking charge of a portfolio of overdue debts secured by real estate assets, in all areas: from the legal management of the procedures to the technical supervision of the real estate securities, from the contact with the debtor to the identification and implementation of all the possible strategies of out-of-court closure.


Post-purchase Due Diligence and Business Planning of management
Legal management of procedures
Analysis and monitoring of mortgages
Activation of the territorial commercial network for Auction Facilitation and out-of-court transactions


Our strength lies in the perfect integration of our IT system Mistral-Web, which handles the due dates and processes, updating in real time with a highly specialised and loyal territorial network. The synchronous and interlinked management of the entire process enables to start up a single work flow in both the valuation and territorial implementation stages and planning of the strategies, gathered in a system of dashboards guaranteeing the maximum management effectiveness and a constant centralised control.

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