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We work alongside our Clients in the recovery and revaluation of non performing loans secured on real estate property, as well as in the strategic repositioning and marketing of repossessed assets or property. We are part of the Yard Reaas Group, an established Real Estate institution. Our specialisation in this sector is based on a flexible structure which enables us to meet every specific need of the market, from single activities of analysis and valuation to due diligence and pricing; from acquisition, management and divestment of NPL (Non Performing Loans) portfolios, http://www.yardcam.it/en/group/to the constitution of bank asset funds; from the structuring of financial business plans to judicial and out-of-court management and subsequent sale of the assets on the market.

We assist both national and international Credit Institutions and Institutional Investors at various levels: operational support, strategic planning, management and take complete charge of processes.
We provide high quality and efficient services, designed to be completely modulable and integrated.
Our Management coordinates a vast network of external professionals, and is able to guarantee nationwide coverage.


The Credit Management Process is compliant with international standards and has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification, issued by European Quality Assurance.


We are among the founding members of the Associazione T6 Tavolo di Studio sulle Esecuzioni Immobiliari (Foreclosures Study Table). This comes under the Association Osservatorio T6 which has the purpose of studying and disseminating data concerning the aspects of the domain of judicial sales, from judicial-legal sales to writs of execution on property, businesses and the market.

All our activities are managed through a web-based IT platform, MistralWeb, which has ensured maximum flexibility and scalability over the years, allowing us to interface optimally with other systems in use by our partners.

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