Management of Unlikely to Pay Loans


Management of Unlikely to Pay Loans consists in the preliminary portfolio analysis and the activation of a network of technical, legal and commercial resources in the territory in order to provide support to the recovery of debts classified as impaired and, generically, in all the stages preceding that passage to overdue debts which entails physiological depreciation of the security.


Overall portfolio mapping and clustering of the assets and positions
Valuation of the property
Analysis and strategic planning with identification of the best exit strategies relating to the specific debt situation and the single assets
Activation, management and control of the commercial network in the territory, in order to implement the strategies selected


The management of this process is characterised by the variability of situations, the need for timely intervention and maximum flexibility in identifying alternative strategies; thanks to the integration of our functions and to an interpenetration of the analysis and process management skills evolved in recent years, we are highly specialised in governing this type of portfolio.

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